Where have I been?

It’s been a Hot minute since I updated my blog. I felt inspired to share and then cocooned myself, fell down some rabbit holes, climbed back out, space travelled and crash landed back to earth — flat on my face. Seriously though, I genuinely thought the whole aliens and UFO situation was the peak of what was happening in my temporary existence here on Plano de la tierra. How historic the world is now. Reimagining our future, unearthing our lost history. The systems are crashing, timelines collapsing, portals opening, old structures collapsing, paradigms rebuilding, and a lot ,yes a lot is going on.

My stream of consciousness flows effortlessly from my iPad. This is probably the equivalent to the morning pages suggested in The Artists Way by Julia Cameron — words that are to be expressed and shared solely for the purpose of remaining imbedded and wedged between the chunky, fat paper lines of a notebook slung across my table or squished in a box under a mountain of books and my minimalistic objects of affection. See, I’ve moved house more times than you’ve probably had hot dinners, and I’m here to talk about it. Share the shit. Tell the tales. Relive the past and history of losses and gains, ups and downs, ah-ha’s and oh no’s. 

Let me start by saying I am not a writer. I feel uncomfortable expressing Myself with words to be read. My thoughts are like trains with no breaks constantly switching tracks, unimpressed by the lack of charisma, energy and hand movements I can so easily blurt and barrage people with while in their presence. I’m a talker, not a writer. I have no clue where the comma goes. I have fear too. Big fat fears of being judged. Of not sounding smart enough or the self imposed expectation to express myself as beautifully and precise as my life unfurls, is hard on me. Editing, drafting, rewrites — ugh, why? Speaking is in the moment, like a play, a dance of energy and words that dissolve into the night. The written word Is powerful, like a spell, and so very concrete and in tact, glued to the page unless it’s “cute but might delete later” kind of thing. I fall in love so easily with words and yet feel so incapable of being true to myself and expression. My poet and writer friends effortlessly frisbee out their thoughts so eloquently into the world. I overthink most things too and I’m likely to go off topic. But I have drive, passion and stories to tell.

I’m here to say that I want to share stories. Spirituality has been the center of my universe for almost a decade or more now. I can hardly remember my childhood, can you? But I remember who I was in flashes of images and memories; my essence, my presence, my innocence and confidence. I was a bright, enthusiastic, placid young girl. My character has remained intact although life and our lessons harden us, break the spirit. My light seems to have dulled the past two years. Never mind childhood, who I was in my early teens was my favourite me, and then I went through a spiritual awakening in my twenties which was intense, overwhelming, fascinating, enlightening, breath-taking, wonderfully poetic and brilliant, and horribly confusing and mind bendingly Real. Seriously, what the fuck just happened!?

Regrets I have a few which is why I was too embarrassed to share what had happened. I was in a personal state of mourning and displacement. I accept I have regrets because in saying I have none undermines the loss I felt, the grief I cradled back to growth and
 the insanity of where my mind dwelled. I need to share these regrets and stories of hope because the light complements the dark and it feels like they might actually be worth putting out there. Isn’t that what we do now? Isn’t that how we learn and feel connected; through stories and lived experience. It’s how I have found my way and I feel it is a moral imperative to contribute my heart and soul to the world for even one person who might benefit from it. Maybe that’s you!

Shakespeare said life is a stage and mine is a Punk rock broadway musical.

There’s a lot going on out there, in here, around and about this world. Everyone I seem to meet is talking about consciousness, compassion, radical thinking and a new world. Each person is a ripple in the ocean and some people Are creating waves. So here is my little stone in the pond. The first toe in the water as an attempt to honour and share my life perspective.

Pandora’s box is wide open.

So it begs the question. What are you into? How open minded and curious Are you about things like past lives and spiritual Experiences. I dig the subconscious and explore human behaviour, life lessons, tales of wonder, heartbreak and hardships of humanity? Do you like yoga and Meditation, art, poetry and not giving a fuck? How about stoner rock and electric guitars, jingles and books, good food, deep connections and, well, almost everything, because curiosity is a way of life! Whoever you are and for whatever reason you are here, we were meant to meet like this, you were supposed to hear these stories and you are amazing because you actually read this blurb. I’m excited. I just hope I don’t flake trying to muster up the words in whatever shape or form they take to be expressed. Maybe I’m just writing to myself. Letters to myself. As a keep sake. A place to lay my memories.

I accept I’m uncertain and I definitely accept this is not defining what has happened. What has happened and what I want to share will always be the diamond I hold fast to my heart. I am thankful. I am grateful for everything and now I am going to do my best to take the first step.

so, how hard can it be? lets see where this goes. . . If it goes, but the hardest question is


where do I even begin?

The Man Who Heals With Music

Istvan Sky spreads a message of peace, joy and happiness through the healing power of music. Istvan started learning music as a young boy, and he has kept doing so to this day. He studied singing and playing music from nature and first from his family and then from Indian and Tibetian Masters. In 1990 he became the disciple of the renowned sarod maestro Smt. Sharan Rani in New Delhi, from whom he learned complex spiritual musical art (table, vocals and sarod), and who got him acquainted with the Eastern way of life and philosophy.

How did you find your voice?
“My grandparents and my mother sang a lot. Whether my mother was happy or sad, she was singing. And I saw that the singing itself made her happy. From a world that we call the world of adults and the world expectations and control, she could enter a world where she could be happy and free to rise. I really loved this world as an innocent child. I started to sing with her while still in the womb.”
What happens when we sing?
“If you sing from the heart, you can connect to the beautiful cosmic world, where there is no past and no future. Only the blessed present exists there. We do not judge anything or anybody, we’re just existing in this beautiful flow, between heaven and earth. If you sing, you’re in wholeness, in the blessed palms of God, in the flowers’ field, smiling at the heart, and all difficulties evaporate. The soul is happy and the spirit expands. The constraints, which were built by the mind, crumble in an instant. You’re free again, like a bird. You are alive and creating again. You take part in the divine creation and in the magic that is honest and pure. You don’t want to control or change it, just let it lead and teach you.”

Older Than Ireland

Alex Fegan’s brilliant Older Than Ireland is the only Irish documentary in contention for an Academy Award in 2017.

The film takes a look back at 100 years of life through the eyes of thirty Irish centenarians, charting Ireland’s history over the last century, all the way back to the 1916 Easter Rising.

There will be 145 films eligible in the category, according to Scannain.com, having been screened in either New York or Los Angeles for at least a week in 2016.

Older Than Ireland had multiple showings in New York, as well as other parts of the United States and Canada.

Nominations for the 89th Academy Awards will be announced on 24 January, 2017.

The awards will be held on 26 February, 2017, at the Dolby Theatre.





Ghost Stories and Earth Bound Spirits

This video is about the thinning of the veil, ghost stories, paranormal, spirits and connecting with ancestors ~ the other side. Seeing the unseen will become more common as we spiritually ascend and Earth moves into the 5th dimension. This video is to help prepare and support opening up to the paranormal and acknowledging it as part of our reality. This is to understand and be empowered during October, Halloween and this time in ascension when more activity and connection will be occurring with realms unseen.

We are not Alone <3 Profound Discoveries

This week has moved me to tears. Tears of terror and disbelief. I bought two new books today which mark the beginning of something deeply profound and memorable in my life. I never thought it would happen that I would feel like the private investigator of my  Soul on a mission to discover higher dimensional beings and worlds.

 There are said to be 500-700 UFO sightings every months in the United States. Say whaaaaaaaaat? This is outrageous, I know, but utterly incredulous and mind.blowing if it is all R-E-A-L. I am revered, humbled and grateful yet oddly terrified to feel part of these other worldly phenomenon. I can almost taste the beams of teleportation!


Book 1:Star Origins and Wisdom of Animals: Talks with Animal Souls

Hardcover – September 2, 2010
by Jacqueline Smith (Author)

inscription here


Book 2: Meet the Hybrids: The Lives and Missions of ET Ambassadors on Earth

Paperback – December 12, 2015

by Barbara Lamb & Miguel Mendonca.

 inscription here

Inspired by this incredible interview (which made me cry)

About the Authors 

Jacqueline Smith

Author of Meet the HybridsMiguel Mendonca and his story of synchronicity that led him to write this story:

Check out MORE fascinating stories documented by Reuben on Viemo:


Above: Ruben and Bridget in Arizona.

Bridget Nielsen is an author, artist, intuitive, medium, adventurer, raw chef and new world eco-pioneer. Through imagination and creativity, she fuses her expressions to lead a life of joy and excitement! One of her major life themes is to BRIDG-ET. She bridges and merges extra-terrestrial beings with their human family, as an initial stage of First Contact. Her primary focus, since early 2012, has been to create digital platforms to spread global awareness and remembrance about hybrid children. One of her great passions is connecting human parents with their hybrid children, created through the hybridization abduction program, to bridge contact and galactic expansion on Earth.

Check out her websites:

Autisum healed with love: https://youtu.be/VTS0dN3E7TU?list=LLB…

Help support Reuben and his work: https://www.patreon.com/reubenlangdon

Official Website: http://interviewwithed.org/

Interview conducted at http://www.angelvalley.org/

Barbara Lamb mentions one story where a young woman, at the age of 18, who was told that she was a hybrid child, having been genetically created through a governmental experiment as her father was working with the military. Say whaaaaat?

The Project Blue Book:

President Bush when asked about UFO’s, told the person asking, “You do not know the half of it”. As you know, President Bush was formerly with the C.I.A. His comments are recorded on tape.


The Phoenix Lights:

A documentary about One of mankind’s most profound UFO sightings in Phoenix Arizona,  March 1997.

Down the Rabbit Hole:

What does it mean?????


Terence McKenna’s True Hallucinations

Terence McKenna’s True Hallucinations is an experimental documentary
about the chaos at La Chorrera, the imagination, time, the Logos, belief, hope, madness, and doubt.
Created by Peter Bergmann, this project is an expansion of ideas first presented in “The Transcendental Object At The End Of Time”.

In 1971, Terence McKenna, along with his brother Dennis and three other companions, ventured by plane, boat, and foot to the paradisical Colombian mission town of La Chorrera, where they hoped to encounter the elusive psychedelic oo-koo-hé. Fate would have it otherwise. Their attention soon turned to the large numbers of Stropharia Cubensis that they lucked upon, and before long, Terence and especially Dennis were formulating the psychopharmacological “experiment at La Chorrera” which would eventually give rise to Terence’s expanded Jungian notion of the UFO as human oversoul, and his I Ching based TimeWave Theory which holds, among other things, that history as we know it is accelerating and, in fact, will come to a major concrescence.

Special Thanks to Dennis McKenna, Klea McKenna, Kathleen Harrison and Stephanie Schmitz, as their help and contributions were crucial in making this film a reality.


Rob Greenfield (Experiment)

“For 30 days, I’m going to wear every single piece of trash that I create while living just like the average American…”
Video by Living on One and GaryBencheghib

It’s the morning of day 28 and I’m now wearing about 77 pounds of trash. A young boy walked up to me and asked what I am doing. I responded to him, “I’m wearing all the trash I create for a month to show how much garbage the average American creates and inspire people to make positive changes in their lives and make less trash.” His response to me was, “I’m going to start making less trash today!” Looking at the half-drunk soda bottle in his hands he continued, “I’m going to use this bottle for the next month and it’s going to be my only bottle!”
He got the message. It’s of course not to wear your trash, it’s to make less of it in the first place! We can all make positive changes in our life to make less trash and live with more health and happiness. What changes have you made lately? What changes will you be making today? -Rob Greenfield