Being Aware of The Ego – Return to Love (or at least chill)


As in all spiritual work, it is discovered that the mind resists letting go of negative programs despite the suffering that it occasions. The source of this resistance is the secret payoff that the ego gets from negativity. The ego derives pleasure from ‘justified’ resentments, blame, self-pity, and all the rest. Thus, what has to be surrendered is the gratification the mind gets from the negativity. To undo the addiction to the payoff, it is only necessary to ask oneself if the suffering of the illness is worth clinging to the pleasure of the negative attitude. Secretly, people just ‘love’ to hate, blame, and get even as well as being ‘right’ or ‘superior’, and more. Nursing grievances extracts a cost in being prone to illness as well as resistance to recovery. Self-honesty is therefore the key to making progress and increasing well-being.

Healing and Recovery . P~138 Book by David R. Hawkins


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