Fiona Apple – An Extraordinary Machine


Fiona Apple

INTERVIEWER: Maybe your openness would serve you better if you reserved it for people you trust. Maybe you should protect yourself a little.
FIONA APPLE: I’ll be fine.
INTERVIEWER: But as you get older, you may realize you don’t have to share every thought that flickers across your brain.
FIONA APPLE: I just don’t feel that way. I resent limitations. I’m going to  be this way for a while, and then the funny side of me is going to come out. Slowly, people are going to realize they’re seeing a completely honest evolution of human life. ~ Interview Magazine 1997

“The worst pain in the world is shame. I spend a lot of time trying to not do anything bad to anyone, but you can’t live your life and not hurt people. Pretty recently, I did something that I’m really not proud of, and it shocked me. I thought, “I’m a really fucking bad person”. But I realized that something good came out of it because now I have to be a lot less judgmental of others. Everything can make you a more compassionate person if you use it that way.” – Fiona Apple.



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