Through the Looking Glass

A fascinating story about a woman growing up in Sweeden who began having nightmares at the age of two detailing experiences from Ann Frank’s life before she was aware of who Ann Frank was. The woman, Barbro Karlen, is an avid writer. She became interested in life after death, where we come from and where we go. Her first book “Man on Earth” was published at the tender age of 12. It wasn’t until Barbro went to school that she understood who Ann Frank was thus becoming apprehensive about sharing her story because of the absurdity of it being the truth. Listen to her story in her own words, it’s truly remarkable even if it is just an ineffable coincidence of implausible synchronicity. As an open minded person, I tend not to dismiss one’s own personal life experience because the absurdity of life and the possibility of all things being possible is a resonating feeling within my own being. To define is to limit. There are wonders in the world beyond our understanding.


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