Food Synergy Pairings


  • Fruit does not combine with fat.
  • Fat does not combine with protein.
  • Sweet fruit doesn’t combine with acid fruit.

Sweet fruits – Bananas, dates, figs, lychee

Sub-acid fruits – Berries, mango, apple

Acid fruits – Tomato, citrus, pineapple, cauliflower

Fats- Nuts, seeds, avocado, durian

Here’s some useful guidelines to reduce bloating and stomach problems while being more mindful with our meals.

1.Different foods need different enzymes to digest and absorb into the body. Bananas and nuts do not combine well. Fat gets digested first while the fruit which is digested quickly sits on top and ferments. This causes bloating and gas. Fruit combined with nuts, seeds or oil are not agreeable. Fruit and greens, however, do combine well. 

2. Don’t eat while stressed or in a hurry. Focus on digestion. The Body will want to deal with what is on the mind. Breathe. Chew. Be in the here and now.

3.  Always eat enough fruit or veg before a meal. Foods like avocado’s and nuts have a high fat content which take longer to absorb into the body and converted to energy. Fruit and Veg are absorbed quickly and combined with fats may cause gastro problems.

4. Drink water at least 20 minutes before a meal. Do not drink while eating. Water does not allow enzymes to break down as easily in the stomach. Wait an hour after a meal. If it’s a complex carbohydrate meal you may leave it an hour.

5. Colan cleanse. Harmonise all organs in the digestive system and hormonal health. Cleanse system by following a low-fat, plant-based raw vegan diet.

6. Eat foods that are easy to digest. Fruit and leafy green vegetables.

8. Avoid eating late at night and not throughout the day. Eat set meals. If you’re eating every hour, your digestive system becomes fatigued and bloated.

9.Keep diet low in fat, fat is hard to digest. Allow time for healing and restoring. Don’t eat too fast. High-fat foods combined with fruit causes an upset stomach. Fruit is like a jealous partner, it just wants you to itself. It helps push out stagnant old matter in the stomach where heavier foods remain slowly digesting.

10. Always, always, remember to stay hydrated.


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