Rob Greenfield (Experiment)

“For 30 days, I’m going to wear every single piece of trash that I create while living just like the average American…”
Video by Living on One and GaryBencheghib

It’s the morning of day 28 and I’m now wearing about 77 pounds of trash. A young boy walked up to me and asked what I am doing. I responded to him, “I’m wearing all the trash I create for a month to show how much garbage the average American creates and inspire people to make positive changes in their lives and make less trash.” His response to me was, “I’m going to start making less trash today!” Looking at the half-drunk soda bottle in his hands he continued, “I’m going to use this bottle for the next month and it’s going to be my only bottle!”
He got the message. It’s of course not to wear your trash, it’s to make less of it in the first place! We can all make positive changes in our life to make less trash and live with more health and happiness. What changes have you made lately? What changes will you be making today? -Rob Greenfield


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