We are not Alone <3 Profound Discoveries

This week has moved me to tears. I am inundated with new information and experiences. I am vowing to record, for at least 30 days, all of these life changing perspectives. I bought two new books today which mark the beginning of something deeply profound and memorable in my life. I never thought it would happen that I would feel like the private investigator of my own Soul journey on a mission to discover the truth behind higher dimensional disclosure. Below I have linked in those of whom have connections to the production and involvement regarding all the material shared   There are said to be 500-700 UFO sightings every months in the United States. Say whaaaaaaaaat? This is history in the making. I am revered, humbled and deeply grateful by these other worldly phenomenons, all those who have brought this perspective into light and my  insatiable curiosity to seek out what lies within. 


Book 1:Star Origins and Wisdom of Animals: Talks with Animal Souls

Hardcover – September 2, 2010
by Jacqueline Smith (Author)

inscription here


Book 2: Meet the Hybrids: The Lives and Missions of ET Ambassadors on Earth

Paperback – December 12, 2015

by Barbara Lamb & Miguel Mendonca.

 inscription here

Inspired by this incredible interview:

About the Authors 

Jacqueline Smith

Author of Meet the HybridsMiguel Mendonca and his story of synchronicity that led him to write this story:

Check out MORE fascinating stories documented by Reuben on Viemo:


Above: Ruben and Bridget in Arizona.

Bridget Nielsen is an author, artist, intuitive, medium, adventurer, raw chef and new world eco-pioneer. Through imagination and creativity, she fuses her expressions to lead a life of joy and excitement! One of her major life themes is to BRIDG-ET. She bridges and merges extra-terrestrial beings with their human family, as an initial stage of First Contact. Her primary focus, since early 2012, has been to create digital platforms to spread global awareness and remembrance about hybrid children. One of her great passions is connecting human parents with their hybrid children, created through the hybridization abduction program, to bridge contact and galactic expansion on Earth.

Check out her websites:

Autisum healed with love: https://youtu.be/VTS0dN3E7TU?list=LLB…

Help support Reuben and his work: https://www.patreon.com/reubenlangdon

Official Website: http://interviewwithed.org/

Interview conducted at http://www.angelvalley.org/

Barbara Lamb mentions one story where a young woman, at the age of 18, who was told that she was a hybrid child, having been genetically created through a governmental experiment as her father was working with the military. Say whaaaaat?

The Project Blue Book:

President Bush when asked about UFO’s, told the person asking, “You do not know the half of it”. As you know, President Bush was formerly with the C.I.A. His comments are recorded on tape.


The Phoenix Lights:

A documentary about One of mankind’s most profound UFO sightings in Phoenix Arizona,  March 1997.

Down the Rabbit Hole:

What does it mean?????



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